Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#112 She-Knits talks about jags.

jag 2 (jg)
1. Slang
a. A bout of drinking or drug use.
b. A period of overindulgence in an activity; a spree: a shopping jag; a crying jag. See Synonyms at binge.
2. A small load or portion.

I am talking about b.
I think I live a life full of jags however I am not sure I would call them OVER indulgent as that is a negative connotation. I believe in jags as a way of life!


Geri said...

Most food jags are disastrous for my waistline. I do go on knitting jags, though: sock-knitting jags, lace-knitting jags, spinning jags, etc.

knittybarb said...

I don't really go on food jags - unfortunately I love most all food! Knitting jags, yes! Currently on a shawl/shawlette jag...want have several on the needles at all times!

AnimalEngineer said...

I go on jags of all sorts! I then wear myself out of it and move onto something else or go through an unsatisfied period before I find my next new thing. I've been going through a non-knitting phase recently but I think that's about over now. Phew!! Glad you're back on my iPod! :)