Tuesday, August 4, 2009

#82 She-Knits end of summer rush + mystery KAL #2

I feel like this is my own personal end of summer as this is the last week I will only have 2 kids at home...next Monday the other 5 return. Its been beyond peaceful and quiet...really wonderful, however I am truly missing them all and saddened at the thought of yet another one (making 3) that will be off to college this year. Three kids all in college and 4 at home that's the new mix for Fall'09.

So in this podcast episode I ask the following two questions:

1. What is your favorite gift EVER?

2. If you holiday knit for others do you do so in a thoughtful manner, only knitting or crocheting for those that you know will appreciate it or do you just make the decisions that this year you are knitting gifts and that's that?

So, did you see my bag in Interweave Knits Fall '09? Here she is:

Laporte Avenue Tote
LaPorte Avenue Tote 3


barbarab said...

In reverse order:
Beautiful Bag! (I just need to finish Emma...)
My husband
I now make candy for Christmas gifts (microwave cashew brittle) and give random knit gifts throughout the year as the spirit moves...
Enjoy the end of summer!

Kathy said...

LOVE the Bag! Will have to knit it. I've been wanting to try the x's and o's cables anyway. Best Gift Ever: After my first child was born, my mother in law gave me a nearly full container of Johnson's and Johnson's Baby Powder (in the metal container). It was last used on my husband's bottom sometime in the 60s. I took it home, dusted my son's bottom with it, and made plans to give it to him as a present when his time comes.

Leslie said...

Hi Sharon -- Here's the story of my favorite gift:
enjoy! :)

Kay said...

My best present ever has to be the Christmas evening my daughter (then a junior in college aka runknitter on ravelry) sat down next to me on the couch, put her head on my shoulder and told me if I really wanted to, I could teach her to knit. (this of course, was AFTER some 'Tough Love' and having 'shut her off' and quit making her felted purses, telling her to make her own) I jumped up, got needles/yarn and she was knitting away in 15 min. That was about 7 years ago and she's been knitting ever since. Swore she'd never use any needle size smaller than a 9. She's currently making the Thermal Henley and using a size 1! So...best presents don't have to cost anything! (yes, you can use my name and relate my wonderful story if you want)
Kay Thompson aka kay43026

Sharon said...

Gorgeous bag. Really truely lovely. The extra details of the x's and o's give it such a sweet touch.

Favorite present ever??? Hmmm, that's a tough one. I'd have to say it was the time my husband gave me knitting accessories. I had to take them all back and get what I really needed, but the fact that he went there and had the ladies help him pick something out was very sweet.

I will only knit up something for those who I know will appreciate it. And I will make them very custom for the person. For example, I'm making my mother-in-law some socks. She has feet problems, so I bought some stones that are said to promote healing and I will place them in there, along with an angle figurine and write something about how I hope these socks will aid the healing of her feet.