Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Episode #27 Google Knitting

Listen to the podcast Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase

Go to Google Blog Search and have fun ...but put a time limit on it!

Holiday Kal Cal ifor new participants. You can still donate prizes and get free advertising in return.

* Silja Devine is contributing a $25.00 gift certificate to her new shop! She is also offering a Discount to all Holiday Elves so make sure you check her out!! You can find her at... My Creative Impulses

* THE Cheryl Oberle of Cheryl Oberle Designs is contributing a signed copy of both of her books! You can find more of her wonderful designs here.
o Folk Shawls
o Folk Vests

* Carrie of DharmaFay (yes...that Carrie..also known by her Socks In The City Podcast Fame) is contributing some sock yarn! Winners Choice! You can find her at
Dharma Fey


Mr T said...

Pssst: the link to My creative impulses are wrong... pointing to

Silja Devine said...

sorry, that was me writing the previous message... Mr.T had been on my computer.

Anonymous said...

I used to talk to my mom almost every day, many times from more then a hour. I do miss it now that we don't get to talk all the time now. She is back in grad school so she is gone during the day. It was a habbit, but also something I really enjoyed. I know my mom also really enjoyed our time on the phone. We live 8 hours away now, but lived 15 mins away for over a year. She is my best friend other then my hubby. Your dd will come back. She just needs to be her own self for a while. (I have a sister who just went to collage as well)
I had to do it when I moved away from home, but now we are really close. (She steels my yarn) :)

Adrienne said...

I enjoyed your podcast today! I loved when your kids kept buzzing in lol. And you are SO not boring!! Keep upthe great work!

isabella said...

I talk to my mom everyday. We just chit chat and don't really say too much. She travels twice a year to China for her job and the past few times that she's gone, she's learned how to use e-mails. We have really meaningful dialogue because there's so much to catch her up with and we're writting it all down (and lots of pictures and videos of my nephew learning to crawl and stand up on his own). Then she gets back and the phone conversations go back to simple small talk about our days.

My boyfriend on the other hand speaks to his parents once a week if he has time and both his mom and dad get on the phone and they've all got lots of stories and things to say. They also send e-mails to mention little things here and there.

There's probably no right way of staying in touch. But there is an age that your kids will appreciate their relationship with you more and iniciate the visits and phone calls much more frequently themselves. I'm just starting to really want to spend time with my family and I'm 25. Maybe it's because my sister had a baby this year and it brought us all closer together, but i really do appreciate her and my mom so much more now and their life experiences.