Tuesday, November 20, 2007

#28 Discursive 50 yr. old Hosts Knitting Podcast

I almost didin't need shownotes this week....I was very discursive and though knitting is a constant...it isn't always the only thing on my mind....well, that may not be true.

A few of the most popular cardigans on Ravelry

Central Park Hoodie for Knitscene Fall 2006

Juliet from Zeyphyr Style

Ariann from Chick Knits

My first felted bag students- I need to get pictues of their completed bags!
These are the patterns they did which can all be found at Sheknits for Knitters:
Ali Bag-
Caroline Bag
Marly Bag - this student wanted to make it more of a bucket bag with a single strap...so we did!

Listen to this weeks free podcast of This American Life, its about birthdays, holidays and anniversaries-get a good laugh and think some deep thoughts all in one hour.


Susan said...

First off you are not boring us. I enjoy listening to everyone's daily info. It is so nice to know that basketball is apart of other mom's life. It makes for long days that are short enough already!

k1c2 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sharon!!!

I just found your podcast and have been listening to several each day trying to catch up.

I have listened to you while shopping at WalMart, walking my Westie, cleaning my house, and of course, while knitting.

I really enjoy your enthusiasm about knitting, your children and life in general.

Thanks for sharing apart of yourself with me through your podcast.

Another Illinois Knitter,