Monday, November 5, 2007

#26 Knitting with my own time and space

Robin Bag Roses at Midnight from She-Knits for Knitter's

Elann's Espirit

Lorri's finished Sirdar Coat...which is really a super chunky cardigan..YEAH LORRI!

Fiber Trends Felted Clog...come join the KAL in She-Knits Podcast group on Ravelry

You can still join the Holiday Kal-Cal - it closes November 15th

Come look at the prizes/swag you could win on the Holiday Kal-Cal

Prizes I mentioned this show

* Sisters of Knit Sibs podcast are each contributing a prize!
o Valerie: A set of handmade stitch markers
o Julianne: handmade sock project bag
o Gloria: Handmade beaded row counter bracelet

* Heather of Knittin Pretty is contributing one skein of handspun yarn and one set of stitch markers. She will be spinning something special for the prize, probably a superwash merino (for socks). Also she has many other stitch marker designs and will try to include something festive :) You can find her at...

* She-Knits for Knitters (yes ths is me, Sharon) is contributing one of her wonderful KITS from her etsy shop (winner's choice). The 5 Petals Bag Complete Kit or The Sunflower Bag Kit.

Join my She-Knits Podcast CONTEST
Send me your favorite finger food DESSERT recipe i.e.
- no forks spoon or knives allowed (except for cutting pieces) for eating- fingers only

Either post on Ravelry in She-Knits Podcast group under CONTEST heading or send it to me via e-mail sdreifuss[AT]msn[DOT]com. I'm hungry hurry-up
CONTEST ENDS Nov. 22nd- you will be harshly but fairly judged (kind of) by my children (and me) and there will also be a randomly picked winner.

"Hey She-Knits, "you so politely ask, "What do I W I N ?" Well, for you sock and shawl meisters some sock/shawl yarn...meaning that skinny kind of yarn- and for you felters or bulky wool lovers some Lamb's Pride Bulky. There will be two winners. So COME ON LET'S SEE YOUR GOOD STUFF! And think before you send...chocolate chip cookies probably won't offense to the humble chocolate cookie...unless it is something really special.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Hey, Sharon! I wrote you one time last summer about your children, but I must have posted on the My Podcast site.

Anyway, I've been meaning to tell you just how much I've been enjoying the show and really - it's so great that you are consistent! I love that there's a new show every week. I know that it may not always be the case - situations and lives always change - but I know that it amounts to a good deal of work (sheesh, just posting on my blog takes at least an hour usually, with all the photos and links!) and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate it!

Glad to be part of your knitting group,

a.k.a. Mrs. Pivec

Lucia from Madison said...

I love your podcast. I listen while I knit on the train going to work. You mentioned Vickie Howell's podcast a while ago and I went to itunes to subscribe. Okay she interviewed the wife of a member of Green Day. Yes that was cool. But this week she interviewed an actor from Saturday night live. It was the first day of the writers strike and she said to him that being on strike must be like being on vacation. Fortunately he told her that he had to walk the picket line and would not be getting paid so it was not like a vacation.

I was shocked that she seemed so out of touch. For me it was a complete turn off. I would rather listen to one of the many harry potter crazy sock knitters. Please do not ever give up your podcast.

Your style is relaxing and i look forward to you podcasts.