Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Episode #22 Listener's Favorite Projects

Off my Needles

Fuzzy Feet

Om Hand Tote

On my Needles

Sirdar Coat thanks to is her Denim Ultra Coat

Thanks to Dawne's 15 year old son's assist here is a link to the was not easy to find!

The number is Sirdar 5903 and it looks like it can be purchased
go to the Sirdar pattern section (I typed Sirdar in )and scroll down in the left til you find #5903
Small custom Ali Bag

Some of the Submissions of the Listeners Favorites


Wendy Knits Toe Up Sock

Tidal Wave Susan

Thuga Nicole's fav

Jaywalkers on Magnits by Grumperina Dawn's fav

Yankee Sock Knitter Donna

Lucy Neatby DVD's Susan L.


Einstein Coat (picked a random one off Ravelry so you could see the actual coat
from The Knit Stitch Tara

Sahara Michell

Congratulations to the randomly pointed at winners

Marlette Crew neck pullover

Diane Simple Knitted Bodice

For visual inspiration.... or you can join... or contribute a prize
Holiday Kal-Cal
She-Knits KAL

Come see She-Knits purse patterns and kits at
Sheknits for Knitters
finished bags



Katherine said...

I had no idea what Sahara was either! Thank you for the link!

Sheknits said...

Once you saw it was it familiar to you? I think it was to looks like a great pullover.

Michelle said...

Sorry ladies, you are correct with the picture you have up. It is a sweater. I made mine with much cheaper yarn Valley yarns Goshen,
Here is a link to my ravelry page with my pict. with it:

Hugs, Michelle

Evelyn said...

Fabulous show, as usual. Thank you! I just wanted to say hello and comment on the fact that I have the absolutely opposite problem with knitting needles. My preferred size needles are actually the smaller ones. Since I'm a mostly (these days) a sock and lace knitter, I find that I prefer to work on size 0-3's. In fact I am finishing up my Tilted Duster (I'm having a great time and it's turning out great) I find that my hands are getting tired from using the big needles. I even had to go down to a size 8 to get gauge.

Loving the show!

Johnna said...

Thanks for mentioning my bag. It still hasn't been given yet, but I'll make sure and keep you posted on how she reacts... she gets her birthday present early, she'll get it on Saturday. Love your show, it always helps brighten my work days :)

Ludmilla said...

Hello. I like your enthusiasm. You're enthusiastic even as you put down socks, expensive bulky yarn, etc. I enjoy your podcast. If you don't like tiny needles, why not knit socks on worsted weight yarn? I had to learn on my own. Lessons were expensive and unhelpful and confusing. Anyway, I found sockknitters 101 on the internet. You can do a knitalong project or print out their step-by-step lessons and do it at your own pace. I wanted to learn on cheap yarn, so I found a bell lace pattern using wool-ease. Fast and you can see your mistakes almost immediately, unlike on 0s or 1s. There are other worsted weight socks on line. If you'd like, I could send you some links. These are fast and, therefore, perfect for 5-year-olds or other little and not-so-little kids, who want it NOW. Also, wool-ease and cotton-ease is great for kids who poke through toes on socks quickly.

Hope this helps.