Thursday, August 5, 2010

#100 She-Knits celebrates and gives out prizes!

Title Talk and Feedback
Well it is no secret that having a contest was not just for you, it was for me as well. Thank you for all your book suggestions and sharing with me what YOU are proud of in your life. You have to know I did the contest not so much to celebrate the fun fact that this is my 100th podcast but to lure people out ...I know for sure 44 people listen!

Heather is the winner, please PM me on Ravelry with your shipping address Heidi.
I especially want to thank those that went on to share kind words that they are enjoying the show as I always say, it is comments like those that will keep me regularly podcasting.

One of my very fav. comments was candisrrt who said
Hey Cindy Loo Hoo! We HEAR you!!!!! We're here! We're here!
I know I am behaving like a wee one when it comes to looking for your plp!
Can you guess what plp is? Come on, leave a comment with a guess!

Have any of you figured out what Katie might do that led her, when asked what she is proud about, to say " I am proud of the work I do and that I do it safely" Take a guess what she does....and come your guess...wink wink ...nudge nudge

Have you joined the She-Knits Mystery KAL #5 - take a look - and please, if you join please please post your appropriate badge in your helps our group (and my bis) grow...thank you!
Down to the wire. 17 year old coming home Sunday. 13, 15 and 19 yr. olds coming home Monday, 21 year old coming in Monday night. Its the attack of the offspring!
I am writing up my pattern for the Knitscene piece as well as writing up Kimmy and Samantha bags for the Mystery.
I think is a neat pattern
I think is also quite cool.
New and Nice
Found this kid friendly recipe for making sushi with your kids in Daily Candy
ice-cube-tray sushi!

You’re looking for more time with your kids, less time in the kitchen.

So were Pilar Guzm├ín, Jenny Rosenstrach, and Alanna Stang, three former editors from the now-defunct and much-missed Cookie magazine. Which is why they pooled their culinary brilliance and compiled a book of recipes for moms like you (and them), called Time for Dinner. Here’s one that uses leftover rice to dazzling effect.

Ice Cube Tray Sushi
Serves four

7 oz. sashimi-grade salmon, cut into ¼-inch cubes (cooked shrimp or vegetables work well, too)
3 scallions, chopped
3 tbsp. cucumber, finely chopped
3 tbsp. (approximately 5) grape tomatoes, finely chopped
2 tsp. lime juice
1 tsp. orange juice
2½ tbsp. mayonnaise
¼ tsp. sesame oil
¼ tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper
2 c. cooked rice (preferably from a Japanese or Chinese restaurant)

1. Combine all ingredients except the rice in a bowl.

2. To make the sushi-rice blocks, use an ice cube tray as a mold. Prepare the mold by sprinkling it lightly with water.

3. Press the rice into the tray squares; use your finger to push a hole three-quarters of the way into each square.

4. Turn the mold upside down onto waxed paper and tap until the squares fall out.

5. Fill each hole with 2 tsp. of the salmon, shrimp, or vegetable mixture and serve.


Look at this hot air Microwave safe popcorn popper with built in butter distributor.


Theo Grays Mad Scientist Book Experiments You Can Do At Home - But Probably Shouldn't

This book looks like a whole heck of fun


I am reading/listening Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and really enjoying it. I give it two thumbs up Fear

My biggest fear at the moment is that when all the kids get home my husband is going to be short tempered again and the one girl that ALWAYS picks on the other girl will still be doing it. It is so incredibly unacceptable to me and at this point I don't know what can be done time out on teenagers? Take away cell phones? Grounding? Ignoring? Letting them work it out? Earmuffs....for me?

Gratitude and Good Thoughts
This week is a weird one. I am giving gratitude to my brains ability to dream (you can see I am inspired by the book I just listened to, Stroke of Insight). My dream life this week has been all about having a baby and all I am experiencing is the joy of having a tiny baby. Now in reality do I want another, however it sure is nice in my dreams!

My good thoughts go towards those that are having to deal with difficult situations with their aging parents...its such a hard job and I commend those of you that do it especially in a loving and compassionate way.


thefeministknitter said...

Hi Sharon!
You and I shared a wonderful walk on the Massachusetts beach this morning---it made me think of other summers when we have done this walk "together" as you chat and I listen:) It is great having you back on a regular basis!

One suggestion for one of your worries: give your husband a day or two, when the kids just get home, to yell in that awful voice and do his best to get them back under control. Make sure he knows that you expect him to do it on that particlar day, and then just let him do it to his heart's content!

Mary Anne in Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

Please like my podcast!
Publicly like my podcast!
Posting something or other....
We hear you! We're here, even us quiet ones! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, another comment! My three children, triplet girls, are gone for 2 weeks. DH, too (albeit separately). The house is SOOOO QUIET. It is a little freaky and a little great, too. Can't wait to get them back, though. I just hope my normal exhaustion wears off after 2 days so I can take advantage of the days and get some stuff done around here!!!!

dnaprice said...

Happy 100th podcast Sharon! I'm sor glad you are still 'casting. I feel like my life has been made richer for being able to listen to you. I will admit that I don't listen to each podcast right away, but save them for a time during the week whan I need to hear something encouraging and thought provoking.

I won't comment on Katie's profession because I know what she does and I'm also proud of her for doing it safely.

plp- Progressive Labor Party? Public Lands for People? People Love Purses?

I hope re-entry into regular life and schedules goes well for you and the kids.

noricum said...

Congrats on #100! (You have more than 44 listeners, I'm a few days behind with listening and so missed the contest. ;) )

An idea for handling your kids (untested: I'm single): tell them they're old enough to sort things out on their own, and they have, say, 15 minutes to do so, before you step in and take away cell/computer privileges. That gives them the opportunity to solve things, with a firm deadline to resorting to treating them like the kids they're behaving like. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Hi Sharon,
Here I am commenting 2 times in a row! I just listened to #100 (congrats!) and have so much to comment on!
1. I hate tomatoes too! My parents grew them in their garden and I had to eat one every night at dinner. I loaded it up with sugar and STILL hated it with a passion! I continue to taste them on occasion, and still hate them!
2. You say you wish you had a sister and you only have 2 brothers. I say you're lucky: I'm an only child and think it would be great to have a sibling period!
3. Something to try with your older daughter picking on your younger daughter. Tell her how sad it makes YOU when she behaves like that. Maybe if she understands how much it hurts YOU, she may think next time. I always hated it when parents would say, "kids will be kids" and let siblings fight it out. Kids are born uncivilized. Given the freedom, that's how they'll behave. We never let our older son get away with picking on his younger brother. I can imagine how sad it DOES make you feel when she treats her sister badly.
4. The Samantha KAL is very tempting. I am an organizational freak, so those magic words: "organizational opportunities" perked my ears right up!
All the best,

o_O said...

Hello again!

I agree with Lisa's comment about telling the kids how it makes you feel when they fight. My Mum used to say that to me and my sister (20 months apart - chalk and cheese) and it did make a difference, until the next time... It used to keep us somewhat on the straight and narrow too, not wanting to get into trouble in case it upset her. Kids fight, they need the chance to work it out for themselves and if they can't that's where we step in and help them sort it. Sounds lovely in theory doesn't it? So much harder in reality! I love my kids and slowly but surely they're learning! Love 'em.


PS. What does Katie do?

Katie O said...

I am a pilot. So I am very proud of what I do and that I keep my passengers safe.